Glitter Ornaments

I have to begin by saying the is the most fun I’ve had using glitter! I can’t even believe this worked, and it looks so cute. These glitter ornaments would be perfect for a gift. No one will believe you used floor care.

Plus, this literally took 5 minutes to make!

Happy Glitter!

Project Steps

Get the Right Stuff

You need to make sure you get the correct pledge. I use Pledge Floor Care Finish. It needs to be floor care finish… Do not use a cleaner.

Prep Your Ornament for Glitter

Take the top off your ornament.

Pour about a tsp of Pledge Floor Care Finish into the ornament.

Roll the ornament to cover all the sides.


Pour glitter into the ornament. It doesn’t matter how much.

Roll the glitter around until the sides are covered.


Dump extra glitter back into the jar and put the top back on.

Isn’t this the greatest! I made a green one, too.