Here is a great project for your next hack-night… grab a couple friends and prepare to make a fun, furry, and fabulous monsterbot – meet Mopsey!

Mopsey the Monsterbot
Mopsey the Monsterbot

What can this robot do? That is an excellent question… what would you like for it to do?

Mopsey could wave her arms when you get a new tweet, turn her eye red when your website is down, or do both when someone opens the cookie jar.

Robots will do whatever you tell them!

I’ve prepared a repository that contains detailed photos of assembly, paper templates, 3D models for printing… all the goodies you’ll need to construct Mopsey.

Have you used servos with Arduino before? If not, this link will get you up-to-speed with Arduino Servo Control.

You’ll also need one library to drive the NeoPixel, which can be found in the Adafruit Learning System.

Ready? Let’s get started!