This light theremin project is an excerpt from Make:’s Basic Arduino Projects by Don Wilcher.

Arduino Photocell Theremin
Photo: Pierre-Alexandre Luyt

Electronic circuits that produce audible sounds have been used to create strange and eerie audio effects for science-fiction movies like Star Wars and Marvel’s The Avengers. The Theremin is a device that generates different electronic sounds by waving hands over and around a pair of protruding antennas. You can make your own awesome Theremin using a few electronic components from the Ultimate Microcontroller Pack. The Theremin in this project will not use a pair of antennas but a photocell to interact with the device. Also, a simple transistor amplifier will be built to enhance the volume of the electronic sounds created with your Theremin.

The Parts List shows all of the electronic components available from the Ultimate Arduino Microcontroller Pack to build your own Theremin.