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Labyrinth games are fun, and you can build one as easy or as difficult to beat as you want.

Technically it’s a maze and not a labyrinth, but spending much time defining the difference would be taking away from the fun.

This example uses wooden blocks, but you can use sugar cubes, dice, or any other blocks you can round up.

Speaking of blocks and labyrinths, check out this LEGO version.

Project Steps

Cut out the base.

Take a strong wood plank and cut a square out of it.

It works well with a 10 inch square, but you can also cut a rectangle if you prefer.

Draw out the labyrinth.

Draw a grid with squares the size of your blocks.

Make sure the ball will have a way to enter and exit.

TIP: trace with the sticks to help you draw

Cut out the blocks.

Cut long parallelepipeds from the sticks, or just buy wood blocks.

Cut them at the lengths you need looking at your drawing on the square plank.

Fasten the blocks.

Paste the wood blocks in their places with wood glue. You can also make holes in the plank to make the game more difficult, but you will also need to make a second base to hold on the ball. (And make sure the ball keeps a way to go out.)

Once it is dry, throw the ball on your labyrinth and enjoy a very fun game!