After spending summers in the sun and winters in the rain, outdoor furniture begins looking tired. Without stain or paint, the elements will eventually ruin the look and the wood itself will begin to rot.

Krylon’s new Dual spray paint is a combination of primer and paint. It’s a great way to apply a layer of protection and completely makeover almost anything at the same time. With a little bit of elbow grease, sand the wood down, and then spray layer after layer of color. Spray painting is immediately satisfying and really fun.

My old drab chairs are now bright and fresh. The bold mandarin color contrasts beautifully with the tall green grass and overgrown flowers in my garden. Plus, they are protected from weathering for seasons to come.

Project Steps

Choose a nice weekend to spend outside, and gather your materials. If you are painting in a garage or a shop, always be sure to work in a well-ventilated area with a respirator.

Lay the dropcloth down and set out the chairs.

Use a brush to remove dirt (and leaves and cobwebs) from the chairs.

Vigorously sand the chairs. Sanding thoroughly is essential for the best possible coverage. Some of the cut edges of the wood might even benefit from grinding off 1/8″ or so.

When you are done sanding, clean off every last speck of sawdust with the brush.

Shake up the first can of Dual. Rattle the can for 2 minutes to mix the paint. Adjust the nozzle to spray either horizontally or vertically, aim at the chair from about a foot away, and then press down.

Work with smooth, even strokes, and keep the can moving to avoid drips. While you are spraying, be sure to keep shaking the can for 10 seconds every minute.

To get the richest color, apply multiple thin coats of paint, allowing several minutes in between each coat. This untreated redwood chair took several coats of paint to achieve full coverage and a shiny finish.

The paint will be dry to the touch in 25 minutes, but needs 48 hours to fully dry. When it has cured, the chair is ready to go back out to the garden, where it will be able to withstand the elements.