Wooden_mouse - 50
This wooden mouse can offer a stylistic addition to your workspace.

In this project, you will make your own custom wooden mouse. To make this wooden mouse, you will take apart a cheap USB mouse and salvage the electronics. The electronics will then be embedded in the bottom of a block of wood which you will form into a mouse-like shape. Although it is possible to make a mouse completely from scratch by purchasing the individual components, using an existing mouse as a starting point is usually cheaper and also much easier (because the electronics are already assembled), and the mouse will definitely work with all computers.

Wooden_mouse - 47
This mouse works with all computers.

I chose to mimic a traditional mouse form, but it is really up to you to decide how you want your mouse to look, it is just a matter of cutting and sanding the wood into a different shape. You can also customize your mouse so it fits perfectly and ergonomically with your hand. Also, I would encourage you to play with different types of wood; I used oak for this mouse, but any other hardwoods will work great. In terms of the form and style, the possibilities are truly endless!

Wooden_mouse - 45

This project will take about 6-8 hours to complete and requires power tools. If you don’t have these tools readily available at home, check out your local makerspace for tools, materials, and resources.

As always, if you make this wooden mouse, please share pictures of it! I’d love to see someone make one out of some beautiful hardwood like walnut or cherry.

<b>Note:</b> The two buttons on this mouse are modified versions of off-the-shelf buttons (you can purchase them here). I wanted the buttons to aesthetically match the rest of the mouse, so I replaced the red button heads with small chunks of wood dowels. If you are fine with the red buttons as they are, then you can skip steps 10-13 below.