Want to showcase the beautiful old buttons in your collection? These button rings are an easy way to adorn your fingers with the stray stunner that stole your heart.

Project Steps

Choose your button(s).

If you want to stack your buttons, you can sew them together before attaching them to the finding. Sew through them once or twice and tie a firm knot on the underside. I used a mixture of vintage and new buttons.

Sew your button(s) to the finding.

Sew right up through all the button layers if possible, lining up the holes as you go. If you can’t sew through the buttons, just sew the disc to the buttons by passing the needle through the knot on the underside. Sew them on firmly, and tie off your threads at the back or weave them back in under the disc to hide the ends.

Show off your bling! When you get bored with the buttons, you can just snip them off the disc, return them to your stash, and make some new rings.


This project first appeared in CRAFT Volume 08, page 38.