CarCYcle is a means of transportation that resembles a common vehicle but is operated by a bicycle. CarCYcle has functioning electrical work that is controlled by the rider. With this manual, you will be able to create and be a proud owner of your very own version of CarCYcle. A step-by-step manual can be found attached to the website.

Project Steps

Table 1 shown below is a recommended list of materials that will be used when creating CarCYcle. The list is only recommended because every version of CarCYcle depends on bicycle size and which model and make of vehicle the rider prefers. Along with the list of parts, a saw, drill, screwdriver, and tape measurer will be used throughout the process

Table 2 is a cut list of the wood needed for CarCYcle. Make sure to measure all of the cuts before cutting to ensure that there will be enough lumber.

Attach Part A to Part D by screwing the two parts together as shown in picture. When lining up the holes for Part A, remember to screw through the hole that is 1 inch from the edge, not the one that is ½ an inch.

Place Part F flush with Part D and underneath Part A as shown in picture. Using the holes in Part A as a guide, drill through Part F. Once the hole is drilled in Part F, connect Part A to Part F with a screw to form the configuration in Figure 3.

Align Part D above Part F as shown in the picture. Slanted holes must be drilled through Part D into Part F. Once these holes are in place, screws can be into place.

Use the holes in Part B as a guide and drill into Part B. Fasten Part B and Part D.

To create the left side of the frame, assemble the two configurations of Parts A (2), C, D, and H. Then, with the use of hinges (4), attach the configurations to the doors. The last part is to attach the latch as shown in the picture.

The picture shows Part E attaching Sub-Assembly A to Sub-Assembly B

The picture shows a cutaway of the frame mounted to the bike. An easy way to ensure that the middle Part B is in the right location is to first mount the U bracket with Part C. Once this accomplished, mark on the sides of Sub-Assembly A and Sub-Assembly B. This will be where the middle Part E is located.

The first step in completing the body of CarCYcle is to mold the chicken wire around the frame. The easiest way to do this is to use twist ties. The picture shown is CAD drawings of the wiring attached to the frame (shown on the left) and the paper-mache.

Shown is the electrical diagram for CarCYcle.

Shown above is CarCYcle with all of the electrical work installed. At this point, CarCYcle should be fully operational!