I had a stack of old CDs lying around. For a long time I was planning to reuse them for a different purpose but I had no clue. Then one day while I was surfing on the Internet I found an interesting idea to convert these into great artwork that can be put up on the walls. I liked this idea because I thought it was very easy to do, just few simple steps. The final product turns out to be pretty good.

Project Steps

Things Needed

Any old CD

Acrylic color (preferably dark color)

Paint brush


Anything with sharp point to scratch the color (I used a screwdriver.)

Apply Paint

The shiny side of the CD shows rainbow colors when light falls on it. We are going to use this side.

Apply the acrylic color on the shiny side. Here I have used a black color. Make sure you have a thick layer of this color so that it becomes easy to scratch the color later.

Leave it to dry.

Draw a Design

Draw your favorite design on the colored side.

Scratch the design

With the help of a screwdriver scratch the color along the outline of the design. Try not to scratch very hard otherwise you’ll damage the shiny coating.

You may also want to scratch the inside of the design to make it more interesting.

Stick it on the wall

Put the finished CD art on the wall using blue-tac.

Other Designs