Sketchup Model

Additional Materials Required:

  • Thin Cylinder Supports
  • Magnet Holder
  • Sensor Holder
  • Leg Holders (2)
  • 3/4″ Galvanized Nuts (3)

Project Steps

Install the thin Cylinder Supports

Install the thin cylinder supports by screwing the bolt in with an extra nut on it as shown, and placing the u-channel against the cylinder.

Get both of them snug so the cylinder is centered with pressure on each side.

Tighten down the nut to lock it.

Install the magnet holder

Install the magnet holder onto the press foot.

The flatbar needs to be parallel with the verticals.

Lock it down with the nut.

Install the Sensor Holder

Install the 6″ sensor holder so the end of it is overlapping the path of the magnet holder as shown. The other sensor holder will be installed later.

Weld the Leg Holders

Position them on the upper horizontal members as shown.

Use the location of the roller guides to insure you attach them to the right side.

Insure they are square in all directions

Weld them to the horizontal members fully.