Sketchup Model

Project Steps

Make the guard

Torch the guard sheet metal as in the image. It doesn’t need to be exact.

Note: the shape shown is centered.

Weld the top and side 2×2 angle pieces to it as shown.

Punch the holes in the 4x4 angle

Not all holes will be accessible with a punch. Torch the rest.

Torch the Remaining Holes

Torch the hole for mounting the motor in the 8″ piece of 4×4 angle. Grind off the slag.

Double check that the hole is large enough by putting on the motor and making sure the raised portion in the center goes all the way thru.

You can torch separate holes for the bolts, or do one large, odd shaped one like is pictured.

Torch whichever holes you couldn’t access with the punch

Weld it together

Weld the bottom 2×2 to the 21″ 4×4.

Weld the two 4×4 angle pieces together as pictured, ensuring they are perfectly flush and square.

Skip around while welding so it doesn’t warp one way or another.

Grind off the top weld linking the 4×4’s so the bearing will be able to sit flush on it

Also grind off near the bolt holes on the bottom.

Weld the rebars onto the underside of the mount.

Weld the guard to the top side of the mount.