Additional Materials Required:

  • Soil Loading Drawer
  • Wide Cylinder Supports
  • 3/4″x2″ Bolts (8)
  • 3/4″ Galvanized Nuts (8)

Project Steps

Stretch the frame

Attach the cylinder to a hydraulic pump or power cube and contract the cylinder at least 1″.

Stand up the frame so the press feet are facing down.

Insert the Soil loading drawer on top of the horizontal members so that the press plate is facing the press feet.

If the drawer doesn’t fit because of the spacers, you welded them too close. Grind off the tacks and tack them a little higher.

Position the drawer so that the press plate will be fully contacted by the press feet.

Bolt the drawer members on snugly.

Use the pump to expand the cylinder as much as possible. The pump will likely stall out.

If the pump stalls, turn it back on and expand it fully once more.

Expand at least 3 times.

Contract it, so you can weld the spacers in. Then detach from the pump.


Remove the drawer members.

Look where the spacers are near the drawer.

The spacers should be very close to the drawer (less than 1/32″) See quality control video if you wonder why.

If they are too far, grind off the welds and re-tack them so they are lightly contacting the drawer. Yet again, make sure they are perfectly square with the verticals.