This kit includes fingerprint analysis, blood typing, and lie detector.

Project Steps

Chromotagraphy kit

Your chromotagraphy kit should include these items: Shallow glass jar, 1×6 inch pieces of paper, water, and a bag to hold everything. Now, you can take the suspect’s pen, and put it in an evidence bag. You can then write a line on a bottom of paper. Dip it in the water, and see different colors. You can then compare that to the note.

Blood typing

Your blood typing kit should include these: Alcohol, cotton swabs, toothpicks, pin, bandages, a pipette, and some blood typing liquid (available online). You can poke a hole in your finger, use the pipette to suck up 3 drops of your blood, (use the alcohol to rinse the area and use a bandage) you can then use the swabs to put the blood on. Then, yo

Fingerprint Analysis

Your kit should include these items: Black paper, Baby powder, and clear tape. You can then use the baby powder on say, a cookie jar. Then, use the tape to lift the powder. Then, you can put that on the black paper to make it visible.

DNA kit

Your DNA kit should include these items: cotton swabs, and a DNA tester. You can then swab the inside of your mouth, and put that under the DNA tester. And then, you can see the results, and compare that to other people.


Make sure you have a drawer full of all of these items!