You will learn how to build a light activated, dancing, programmable robot built completely out of Snap Circuits Parts. First, you will learn how to install the PICAXE Programming Editor (the PICAXE is the microcontroller, or computer brain for your Dance Dance Roverbot). Next, you will learn what a simple PICAXE program looks like and what it does. Then you will learn about the various parts and electronic components used to build Dance Dance Roverbot. You will then assemble Dance Dance Roverbot. Finally you will learn how to program and test Dance Dance Roverbot.

Project Steps

Elenco has incorporated the PICAXE 08M into their Snap Circuits product line called Snap Circuits Micro that teaches you how program the PICAXE microcontroller and how to build circuits for the PICAXE.

Elenco also has the Snap Circuits Rover, a remote controlled robot that is built out of Snap Circuits too.

Curiously, it doesn’t seem to have occurred to Elenco’s product developers to combine the two toys to create a Snap Circuits programmable robot.

So, I created the following instructable to inspire folks from 8 to 80 to get interested in robotics using these easy to use, solderless, snap-together toys–Dance Dance Roverbot is easy to build and easy to program:…