Illustrations by Bob Knetzger

Here’s a fun and easy way to decorate your windows for the holidays — and clean them at the same time, too! Cut out these holiday-themed stencils and use them to dab glass cleaner onto your windows: when it dries to a frosty white you’ll have festive wintery windows! After the holidays, wipe off the haze to leave your glass clean and sparkly.

Print and Cut Stencils

To make the stencils, download the designs and print them on cardstock or heavy paper. Use a hobby knife to carefully cut out the stencil shapes. For a longer lasting stencil, lay the design over acetate or other thin plastic sheet, then cut out. You can also download vector-art versions of the shapes that you can use with a laser cutter or vinyl cutter.

Apply Designs to Window

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Hold or tape the cut-out stencil onto your window, then use a sponge to dab the cleaner on, a little at a time, to fill the stencil. Done!

(The original, extra smelly Glass Wax that I remember from years ago has now been replaced with a more environmentally friendly Window Wax formulation — whew!)