Project Steps

Cut two identical pieces of cardboard to length and round the corners. The cardboard ridges should run lengthwise to give added support.

Length = 23 inches

Width = 11.5 inches

Suggested corner radius = 1.5 inches

Cut one ¼-inch wooden dowel rod into a 13-inch length (blue color in diagram below).

Cut six dowel rods at 6 inches in length (brown color in diagram).

Cut two dowel rods at 5.5 inches (yellow).

Install a rubber band at the center of each 5.5-inch dowel at the red locations below. Loop one end around the rod, twist it once, loop it around again. Repeat one more time so the rubber band is wrapped around the dowel 4 times.

Hot-glue the 5.5-inch rod and spring connection to the bottom of one sheet of cut cardboard leaving space on each side of the rubber band to ensure that the glue does not come in contact with it.

Continue gluing all of the dowels on the same piece of cardboard as displayed in the diagram (ignore the blue rod at this point).

Once the glue cools, quickly apply glue on all of the upper sides of the dowels.

Align the other piece of cardboard above and sandwich them together.

Let the glue cool for approximately 5 minutes.

Take the 13-inch rod and loop the rubber bands several times around the ends until they become taut.

You are ready to use the Desk Extender on your next exam!