Fight fire with filtration!

Air getting nasty? Use this DIY air filter during a wildfire or other event when the Air Quality Index (AQI) is hazardous to create a room in your home with better air quality.

Project Steps

1. Sew the straps.

Loop the elastic and sew the ends together with a zig-zag stitch for strength. Make two loops about 18″ long.

2. Put the filter on the fan.

Place the MERV 13 filter on the back of the fan. Make sure the arrow markings on the filter are pointed toward the fan.

3. Strap it down.

Use the two elastic straps to hold the filter securely to the fan, one on each side. That’s it!

Tips for Your Clean Air Room

Use painter’s tape to seal around windows and door frames in older homes, and use a rolled-up towel or sheet at the bottom of doors. Inside your “clean air” room, don’t smoke or use candles, stoves, aerosol sprays, or vacuum cleaners.

DIY Kits

Wildfire smoke has had serious impacts in California and the West for the past several years, with under-resourced folks being the most severely affected. The Ace Makerspace community has partnered with Homies Empowerment to distribute 500 DIY air filter kits in Oakland to help manage poor air quality indoors. Learn more at and contribute at, or text “AIR4OAKLAND” to 44-321.