DIY Fiber Optic Star Ceiling

For my wife and I, a dream of ours has always been to have a home theater to watch movies with our family. This past winter we’ve finally been able to make it a reality. We had our basement finished and in doing so, I planned a good sized room to be our home theater.

In the planning phases, my wife found a number of pictures online with home theaters featuring beautiful star ceilings. These were in homes where people paid tens of thousands of dollars for their home theater — we were on a budget and I thought there was no way I would have the time or money to pay for something that cool. But, the DIY’er in me wouldn’t let me give up that quickly!


With a little determination and experimentation I was able to build a beautiful star ceiling that really sets this room apart from anything you’ve seen. And it’s really something you have to experience — no picture or video will do it justice. The version of the fiber optic kit I got makes the points of light twinkle like real stars. It creates the perfect ambiance for a home theater, but you could also install these in children’s rooms, game rooms, or wherever you want to create a truly impressive area.

So, did I mention I did this on a budget? I won’t say it’s a cheap project as it’ll depend on the size space you’re looking to do. I did the inside area of a rather large tray ceiling — it’s only 6½‘ wide but it’s about 26′ long — coming to about 169 sq ft. Because of the size, I went with the largest star ceiling kit available, 600 strands.

All together, I estimate the entire project cost between $500-550. If you’re planning on doing a smaller area, you may spend less depending on your materials and the fiber optic kit you chose. Considering the kit manufacturer also resells pre-made 4’x6’ panels at $816 each (I would have needed 6 or more), I think I made out pretty good.

DIY Fiber Optic Star Ceiling
The finished home theater with the star ceiling installed. Photo by Aron Hoekstra.

I purchased my kit from Wiedamark. Use their suggestions of which kit to use based on the size area you’re doing. Based on the size of my area, I went with one of their largest kits — the 600 strand 3-size star kit. This kit has 3 different sized “stars” giving a more realistic feel to the starfield. It also comes with a remote, which is nice for dimming the light output. I paid the price you see on the site: $369. Throughout this process I had a number of questions and I can’t say enough nice things about the guys at Wiedamark.

My budget for the project does not take into consideration the amount of time it took. I didn’t exactly keep track but I am estimating the build was somewhere in the 30 to 40 hour range. It was definitely fun, certainly painful at times but totally worth it!