KiddoCraft – money magnets

Here’s a fun little DIY craft project I put together with the kiddos on a rainy weekend. It’s a great way to display and use coins picked up from foreign travels and for holding up those reports cards and art pieces on the fridge.

What You’ll Need:

Pair of Scissors

Magnet – we used the roll variety but the small dots work too. If you go with the magnet dots, you’ll need some strong adhesive as well. I wouldn’t recommend Super Glue for a kid project, but any craft store should have the right glue to get the job done.

Money!! I had some coins collected from our trips to London, Norway, Denmark and Sweden. The Scandinavian coins have some very cool and graphic looking minting on them.

(looks like Sutter snuck a dime in there too!)

1. Begin by cutting your magnet strip into sizes small enough to fit on the back of your money. Sutter was super precise about getting them all the right size!

2. Decide which side you want facing out, flip it over and stick your magnet strip to the back!

3. Voila! Money Magnets. Something fun and pretty to look at in just a matter of moments.

This was easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy as the kids like to say.…