This project demonstrates a simple soldering iron stand that you can build using a piece of thick wire and some basic tools. It could come in handy as a quick replacement for a lost stand, or you can go crazy and make a really pretty one to decorate your desk. Thanks to Mitch Altman for the idea!

Project Steps

Find a coat hanger. Thinner metal is easier to work with. Cut a 10″ section of wire off of it.

Bend the wire at a 90 degree angle, about 1/3 of the way along the wire.

Bend the longer side into a circle, oriented so that the shorter side points straight into the air (perpendicular to the table, for you geometry whizzes).

Make a 120 degree bend in the straight side, pointed towards the middle of the circle. Make a second 60 degree bend in it directly above the center of the circle, so that it forms a “V” that the soldering iron can sit in.

That’s it! Try it out with your soldering iron. Enjoy the convenience of a strong soldering stand!

Optional: Experiment with different wire shapes. I made a fish; what will you make?