Project Steps

Got an old tool case, like this orbital sander case? Also have a DSLR camera that needs a safe home? Look no farther my friend.

First, find a case that is big enough for your camera. I was about to throw out a DeWalt sander case, because seriously, who needs a case for a sander?!?

Then use a Dremel or similar tool to grind out all the plastic dividers and leave one wide-open cavity.

Get your hands on some pick-and-pluck foam sheet. I got mine online here. Just measure the inside volume of the case and order a little more than you will need.

Next figure out what you need to do to fit the foam snugly in the case. The thinner the layers, the more detailed the mold can be.

Put the camera on the foam and trace it with a sharpie. After a layer or two start making a void for the camera.

Add layers until the foam reaches the lip of the bottom half of the case. You can also remove sections for extra lenses and the carry strap. I just fold up the strap and sandwich it in behind the camera.