Project Steps

This is what the finished Duck Tape Rose will look like.

This is a VERY EASY and fun project..let’s get started.

Using your ruler, cut a bunch (25ish) pieces of duck tape 2″ long.

Fold piece as shown in picture 1. Make sure you leave the edge – that will secure your next fold.

Fold the other corner over making a point. See picture 2.

The bottom should be left sticky.

Make a bunch. I think I used around 20-25. This will depend on full of a rose do you want to make?

Take your pencil or stick – anything round will do.

Wrap one petal around the pencil.

Put the next one just slightly to one side. Wrap it around.

Continue with the rest of your petals.

Wasn’t that easy? Make them in lots of different colors. Have fun!