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The Duct Tape Double project is a quick and easy way to make a custom mannequin. It uses cheap materials you can find around the house to create a dimensionally accurate replica. Use your new double to craft custom garments that fit perfectly every time, or step it up a notch and venture into well-tailored wearable technology.


Project Steps

Prepare the model.

Use a tight-fitting shirt that covers the area that you want to replicate. If you want to add length beyond the shirt, cover the additional area with plastic wrap. Make sure that the model is comfortable and can breathe easily.

Wrap it up!

Wrap the model with duct tape. Use the patterns provided as a general guideline. Don’t pull too tightly or the double won’t accurately represent your true size.

Cover every desired area with 2–3 layers of duct tape so it is nice and sturdy.

Remove and stuff.

Cut the duct tape double off your model carefully, slicing up the back and making sure not to cut the model in the process. Carefully slide the double off. Be gentle and try not to lose any features in this process.

Stuff the double with old clothes, newspaper, or other materials to make it sturdy. Do not overstuff or you will lose the shape.

Tape up the openings, and you’re finished!