I’ve been making and using duct tape wallets for years now and I have to say they work just as good as, if not better than, a regular wallet. Most people do not realize how easy and fun it is to make one, so this guide will help you make your own.

Project Steps

Either start with a wallet you would like to copy, or use this guide to determine the approximate size of your duct tape wallet.

Tear off a piece of duct tape that is at least twice as long as the wallet you are copying. Lay it along the wallet and mark the end of the wallet with a marker. Then fold the tape across the dotted line, keeping it as smooth as possible.

Now lay another piece of duct tape sticky-side up on the edge of the wallet and place the piece from the first step on top to create a rectangular shape the size of the wallet.

Take the piece on the bottom and fold it neatly over the top so it makes one sheet of duct tape.

Now repeat steps 1 and 2 so that you have 2 duct tape rectangles the same shape.

Lay them next to each other on the long dimension. Using a piece of duct tape that has been split in half, cover the front and the back of the middle seam so it makes one rectangle.

Tear 2 pieces of tape that are half the width of the rectangle. Place them on the upper corners so the sticky side is facing down.

Fold the ends of the tape in so that the sticky side is facing up. Fold the rectangle in half the long way and connect the edges with these 2 pieces.

Now take 2 more pieces and place them over the ends of the wallet to create a strong seam.

At this point, the tape should start to look like a wallet. Fold it in half and add pressure to it so it keeps its shape.

You can add optional credit card pockets by using techniques similar to those used to create the main pocket. Just make sure they are the proper size so the cards do not slip out.

Once you get the hang of handling duct tape and creating wallets, get creative making wallets out of more colors and with more pockets. You can even make a tri-fold wallet.