Nice looking decorations don’t have to cost a lot of money. In this case, I took items that were already on hand to make a classy looking Christmas centerpiece.

Project Steps

I wanted to make a Christmas centerpiece with items on hand.

This is what I found to work with.

I cut some pieces of some evergreen ground cover from the neighbor’s yard as well as some pyracantha berries and some sort of weed that has leaves which look similar to holly. Of course, if you have actual holly…

Arrange the Christmas ornaments in the bowl with the wine glass (in this case a champagne flute) upside down in the center. We happened to have extra red and silver ornaments so this worked out as a nice theme. The upside down wine glass as a pedestal was my friend’s idea.

I cut the ends of these evergreen branches and arranged them around the base of the wine glass on top of the ornaments.

I made one layer of five branches.

Then I added another layer of five, inserting them between the first in a star-like pattern.

I then cut small bundles of the pyracantha berries and arranged them up around the base of the wine glass.

Finally, I set the pillar candle (this one was a of a pair formerly used in another decor and quite handily has an image of a partridge on it) on the base of the wine glass…

… and cut some small sprigs of these holly-looking weeds to fill in around the base of the candle.

Voilà! A very expensive-looking centerpiece made completely of reused and re-purposed items!

The idea here is a wreath surrounding a candle with the bowl of ornaments as a base.

Merry Christmas to All!


Great Christmas decorations on a budget.