Sometimes running a handmade biz can get pretty pricey. You need labels, craft hang tags, etc. If you’re already crafty some of these things are easy, some are difficult, but you can just do it yourself. Today I thought I’d share a little tutorial with you all. I need tags for my craft, but everything costs money and crafting should be fun, not something to burden your personal finances. I looked around to see if I could buy customized tags, but it would be expensive in the long run, and not eco-friendly. I made the decision to make my own tags without spending “mucho dinero” and save the environment while doing it! I use small pieces of fabric leftovers that otherwise I would throw away and as result I get the most beautiful, colorful tags!

Project Steps


Place fabric leftovers on ironing 
table. Iron fabric pieces onto interfacing.

Cut into desired forms, shapes and sizes.

From a piece of 20x40cm interfacing I produced 90 tags.

If you make a thing, put your name on it! I use customized stamps that 
I bought from stampoutonline on Etsy for about $34 postage included (from US to Sweden).

Notice: Make sure that the ink is waterproof!

Punch holes in your new tags.

Put the paper string through the holes!

Here you have it, your craft items have hang tags. Best of all: you save MONEY and the ENVIRONMENT, and you have UNFORGETTABLE tags! Enjoy!