Anyone who’s ever taken on an ambitious home-improvement project knows what it’s like to have spare wood lying around – and to want nothing more than to get rid of it. This DIY project is a great way to turn scrap 4″x4″ lumber into a kid-friendly puzzle featuring their favorite animal. A single 5′ piece of 4″x4″ lumber (which, in a typically confusing turn of phrase in the construction biz actually means it’s 3 1/2″ x 3 1/2″), will easily make one 16-block puzzle. Even if you have to buy materials, it’s thrift-friendly, as the wood should cost no more than $7. To further drive down costs, I used leftover acrylic house paint from some other projects. Bare wood means extra coats, and the key here is to give it one solid coat of primer and then give it a minimum of 3 coats of paint on each side of the wood for an even, smooth finish.

Project originally appeared on CRAFT.