This guide will teach you how deck out your car with an EZ-EL Wire Car Kit. For more cool ideas check out!

The EZ-EL Wire Kit you will need for this project can be purchased here.

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Project Steps

Here is what your car’s interior will look like!

Plan out the design of the EL wire by mounting the EL wire onto the car with Scotch tape.

Note: 10 ft El Wire was not enough to fit my dashboard, so it is recommended to use 25 ft EZ-EL Wire.

Once you’ve designed the shape you wish on your car, cut about 2 inches of galvanized wire and twist the ends tightly together around the wire.

Use pliers to help you twist so it’s easier on the tips of your fingers.

Use a wire cutter to cut the excess wire.

Continue this process throughout your design.

Mount the EL wire onto the car following the mounting lines of the car. Begin removing the tape as you proceed throughout the design.

Put the bass response of the Car Kit Inverter at a low setting to allow bass to respond.

Now turn on the EL Wire, turn up the jams, and enjoy!