Does your mom watch The Crown? Did she see every episode of Downton Abbey? Does she like Great British Bake Off? Well then, I am sure that she would love a homemade gift that embodies all the loveliness of an English tea in a garden setting. Give her something magical or, even better, work together with your mom to make this enchanting Mother’s Day gift!

1. Take the fork and bend the handle as seen below.

2. Apply a generous amount of glue to the center of the saucer and place the fork within the adhesive.

3. Now support the teacup on a stand to glue the handle of the fork inside the teacup.

4. Balance the teacup without support to see how much pebbles or marbles will be needed to counterbalance the teacup.

5. Once the teacup is balanced and can stay in the upright position on its own, start covering the fork with moss and leaves.

6. Add the flowers.

7. Add ribbons or gems or anything else to enhance this pretty gift.

This craft is inexpensive and should not take any longer than a hour. Its difficulty is entirely dependent on your levels of patience and how elaborate you want the final product to be. You can also use this with fresh flowers, but secure oasis foam in the teacup and the saucer first. Happy Mother’s Day!