I’ll show you how to create a charging station that fits right in with your other plants.

Project Steps

Gather your materials:

Basic flower pot

Charging cable

2 cups of potting soil

Toilet paper cardboard tube

Mounting squares

MiniDV cassette CASE only – no need for the tape.

Rubber band (optional)

Thread your iPhone cable or other charger through the hole in the bottom of the pot. This photo shows the wrong end sticking out, but you get the idea.

Use the pair of scissors to cut four half-inch slices into the cardboard toilet paper tube.

Thread the charger cable up the cardboard tube (this will protect it from the dirt).

Splay the cardboard tabs you cut (this will provide additional balance).

Stick two mounting squares (or similar padding) to the bottom of the pot. This will raise the pot enough to provide clearance for the charging cable to exit the bottom of the pot.

Open the miniDV cassette case and use your rotary tool to drill a slit the length and width of your charger cable’s wide end (1 inch if it’s an iPhone charging cable). A hole of the exact width will ensure a snug fit, but it will work either way.

Use a spoon to fill the pot in with soil around the cardboard tube. Fill until the soil is level with the top of the cardboard tube, but not overflowing into it. You want a flat, level surface.

I also added wedding invitation seed paper to the mix, but just dirt will work splendidly.

Wrap a rubber band around the charger end if you’d like a perfect, rubberized fit with the hole you drilled.

Insert the charger into the cassette case and attach your iPhone.

The case will act as a natural stand and is about the perfect width for the iPhone. If the soil is level with the tube, the case will support the weight of the iPhone without any problem.

Set your lock screen to a nice photo of a flower and add to your desk or garden!