The world is already full of waste, so there is no reason that we should add to that when we could reuse old products to make new ones. Recycling not only reduces waste, but can also be helpful to a tight budget, as products made from reused materials are much cheaper than similar products purchased new.

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Project Steps

1. Using the utility knife, cut a slit into the football along the seam where the laces would be on a real football. Go over the cut several times to get it to an acceptable depth and width (you want it to be able to hold coins, but not be so open that they fall back out).

2. Optional Lining: a. Take a small piece of felt and cut it to fit the hole on both sides and the bottom. b. Attach it to the inside of the cut as a liner using regular glue.

3. Your coin holder is ready to use, and can still be used for a game of catch!


This would work well for a young kid.