One of my friends is a fan of the Green Lantern, and he thought it would be cool to have a glowing ring that charges when put inside a lamp. I realized that I already had something similar in my Upgraded Indestructible LED Lantern project, so I decided to build it.

Project Steps

First, build the wireless charger from step one of Upgraded Indestructible LED Lanterns. Make sure to follow all the directions, or you will fry your transistors.

Now, build the receiver following this schematic.

Glue the indicator LED and switch to the side of the battery.

The coil is going to be the ring, so have the inside diameter a little larger than a normal ring, and wrap it in electrical tape.

Print out a Green Lantern symbol and glue it on top. Wrap the rest of the ring except the switch and LED in electrical tape.

Yes, I am aware that my ring looks terrible and is in no way accurate. The ring pictured was thrown together after I had already given the real one to my friend and realized that I had not taken any pictures of it for this guide. The one I gave him was made from molded plastic and frosted glass, and looks more like the real thing.

Now glue the 2″ coupling to the center of the 1½” tee, threaded side out.

After it dries, sand the outside of both pieces.

Apply a coat of primer to the outside, then black paint. I suggest multiple coats.

Place the wireless sender inside the tee, so that the coil lies flat in the center.

Cut or drill a small hole or notch in the bottom of the tee, and run the power supply to the sender out of it.

Drain the battery in the ring, then flip the switch off and place it inside the lantern. The indicator LED should light up

After about 15 minutes, pull it out and turn the switch on, the high-brightness green LED should light up.

If it does, you’re done! If not, flip the ring over and put it back. If that doesn’t work, check your wiring.

*Optional* Drill two holes near the top of the lantern on opposite sides and run a large loop of black wire from one to the other to make a handle.


Unless you modified an accurate ring, I wouldn't take this to a convention, but it is a cool little thing to have.