It’s easy to make quick handmade stencils using items you have lying around. I’ll show you how to reuse cardstock destined for the recycling bin and turn it into something unique, useful and personally expressive.

Project Steps

Gather your supplies. (No, my PSP is not one, I just needed to charge it.) I used a marker and some recycled cards. You can use any card stock you have around.

Start the design. I drew the characters I wanted to use as a stencil with marker.

Decide if you are OK with the design. I gave mine a thumbs up!

Cut the design out using a sharp tool. An X-Acto knife or boxcutter should work (even a bare razor blade like I used).

To knock out the cuts, just push through on the back of the template with the razor blade to knock it out. You’re done.


You can print your newly made template with paint or other materials.