They look great outdoors (the globe keeps the wind from blowing out the flame) and nice indoors, too (who doesn’t like hanging candles?), and if you can squeeze a pair of needlenose pliers and string a bead, you’re almost there.

Project Steps

Cut and crimp and secure.

Cut 2 pieces of beading wire, each at twice the total length that you want the globe to hang, plus 5″.

Hold them together, and slide a crimp bead down to a spot about 2 1⁄2″ above the midpoint of the strands. Crimp into place, add 2 more, and crimp those too.

Now, starting from the other end of the beading wires, slide a crimp bead to a spot about 6″ from the first 3.

Part the beading wires between the loose bead and the first 3, and wrap them around the lip of the globe. Slide the loose bead down against the globe so that the wire hugs the narrow underside of its lip (like tightening a necktie), and crimp in place. Add 2 more behind it, and crimp those too. The globe should be securely supported with the wire rigging.


String the glass beads over both wires in each pair, beading the entire length of each, stopping about 3″ short of the ends.


Slide 4 large crimp beads over all 4 ends of the wire, and loop the wires by bringing them back through the crimp beads. Squeeze the crimp beads firmly with pliers.


Fill the globe about 1 1⁄2″ deep with sand or gravel, position the votive, hang the globe, and spark it up.


This project first appeared in CRAFT Volume 07, page 146.