Hi! This easy-to-follow guide will show you a really fun and easy way to create a new headboard for your bed.

Project Steps

To begin the headboard start by getting 3 pieces of MDF at 1.3 meters by 30 cm. These three will be the sides and inner shelf for the headboard.

The fourth piece is 1.2 meters by 1.3. This is the the front of the headboard where the bed rests against.

The fifth and final piece of MDF that you need is 1.4 meters by 40cm. This is the top of the headboard and has room for you to place books or other things.

The sheet is 2.4 by 1.2 meters and can be cut into 4 pieces for the headboard.

The good thing about my local hardware store is that they cut the pieces of wood for you and this made our job a lot easier. If you cannot get it pre-cut then you can just follow the measurments listed earlier and then carry on.

Building the headboard is very easy when you’re at this part. MDF needs to be pre-drilled like any other wood before screwing it together, so always drill a hole first and then screw it together.

Making the sides is easy. Simply screwing them together and using some PVA makes a very strong hold.

I cut out a 90cm by 30cm hole in the largest piece of MDF about 15cm from the top. This was so the inside shelf could have things like my laptop, a light and other items in it if I wanted.

The hole can be cut out using a jigsaw or simply by hand, and the piece that you cut out can be used for the shelf’s sides. These can be cut later.

The next step that I did was to create two holes for the speakers that I was going to put in the headboard. I basically just measured around the speakers and then built boxes out of MDF to hold them in place.

After building the boxes it’s a good idea to drill holes in the back for wires to go through.

Filling the holes is another process that can be done to make the headboard look better. Use some bog or filler to fill the holes from the screws.

Applying an undercoat of paint is best when painting MDF. Then apply 2 coats of paint of your choice. This makes a nice finish to the headboard.

Let the paint dry and put what you want on the headboard. The shelf in the center is really good for holding things like a laptop or a lamp.