Wood 2x4 Project Enclosure
Photography by Ben Light

If you’re anything like me, then you have a lot of scrap wood lying around the shop and a bunch of electronic components on the workbench. Why not put them together? The following steps will show you how to create affordable, custom project enclosures out of common, inexpensive 2×4’s.

You will be primarily using the bandsaw, the drill press, and a few specialty drill bits. This technique produces interesting looking devices that have a very handmade feel. Perfect woodworking skills are not required, in fact, a little roughness gives the object more character.

I really like how the enclosures turned out, the analog components and the 2×4 look great together. Whenever someone comes into my office, they almost always pick one of them up and fiddle with the knobs and switches.

I will definitely be making more of these. Next time I might route out the enclosure instead of using the drill press. Or even CNC the inside so components can fit with precision.

Before you start construction on the enclosure, it’s a good idea to have a completed electronics project that is ready to be enclosed. This way you know what will be going into it and how long to make it.

Never use power tools if you are not sure how they operate, and always wear the proper protective gear.

Let’s get started.