The ugly sweater that was once considered to be more of an inflicted burden is now a celebrated piece of holiday party gear. These kitsch designs have an element of whimsy. They tend to range from “so ugly they’re cute” to even the risque. Many people compete for the best of the worst ugly sweaters. This project will help you reach a place in the royal court of holiday tackiness.

The patterns featured are divided into two construction methods: the first just requires sewing and the second incorporates embroidery. You will find the patterns for the Merry Stormtrooper Sweater and for the Fa La La Fallout Sweater below. Find the one that tickles your yule log and get crafting!

Just Sewing

This section is very flexible. You can take any clip art (a Google image search with the search tools set to line drawings helps quite a a bit) and add a hat or antlers to your favorite character.

Step 1

ugchristsweatersantlers ugchristsweatersstormtrooper

Print out the template and cut off the excess paper. Leave only the helmet and antler pieces.

Step 2


Cut out the entirety of the helmet onto white felt. Be sure to utilize pins for a secure hold on your template as you move around the shape.

Step 3


Now that you have the helmet cut out, it’s time to add the black details. Reminder: stiff felt works best for the details.

Cut the paper template into smaller pieces and use it to cut out the black details. Continue until you have all of the details shown on the finished sweater and hot glue the details in place.

Step 4

Cut out the antlers from the brown felt and the nose from the red.

Step 5

Piece your creation together. Use pins to secure it to the sweater.


Step 6

Use the embroidery thread to outline the helmet and antlers with a simple straight stitch.


Step 7

Attach the nose with the embroidery thread in three places.

Sewing and Embroidery

Step 1


Print out the template and cut off the excess paper.

Step 2

Cut out the following:

  • Face and hands — peach felt
  • Hat and present — red felt
  • Jumpsuit — blue felt
  • Hair and suit trim — yellow felt
  • Hat trim & pompom, teeth, ribbons — white trim
  • Face details and box lines — stiff black felt
  • Pellon fusible interfacing

Step 3

Start assembling the face. Use black embroidery thread to secure the felt pieces in place. For Vault Boy’s black hair lines and chin line, embroider them in place using the split stitch.


Step 4

Embroider the black lines on the hands with the split stitch.

Step 5

Use yellow thread to attach the trim to the jump suit and hair.

Step 6

Sew the hat and trim onto the face with white thread.

Step 7

Sew the box trim and bow in place with white thread.

Step 8


Use Pellon fusible interfacing on the back of your vault boy pieces to make it easier to work with. When you are happy with the layout set it with your iron.

Step 9

Pin the Vault Boy in place onto your sweater.

Step 10

Sew him into place. This can be done with the aid of a sewing machine or by hand.