My husband bought some stakes at the hardware store when we first installed our drip-irrigation system for our garden. I looked at the package and saw what looked like pieces of the wire hangers you get at the dry cleaner’s. Why not make them ourselves and save a few bucks?

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Project Steps

To transform wire hangers into hooks, you need wire hangers, wire cutters and pliers.

Unwind the neck of the hanger. The original hook of the hanger serves as stake #1. Cut around the hanger. I was able to get two stakes at the neck, one at each of the corners, and then one straight piece along the bottom (shown here with a bend already).

For the one straight section from the long bottom of the hanger, you’ll need to add a bend using pliers starting around 2/3 to 4/5 of the way down the straight part.

Stick the stakes into the ground to keep your irrigation tubing in place.

You can use them all over the garden. When I went to take pics of these today, I see that the one that had some kind of yellow-greenish coating (left, on the white tubing) is doing much better in the elements than the one without (the one on the right holding down the black hose is rusting).