We use these stools in our kitchen all the time, but they have gotten pretty beat up over the years. They are splattered with paint and are quite an eyesore. When my sister was recently visiting, she told me I could paint it to look like the little mushroom collection I have in my kitchen, and I loved the idea. This is a really easy project that can transform any simple stool into a totally cute mushroom.

Project Steps

Paint the top of the stool red.

Paint the legs and rungs white.

For the outer rim of the stool seat where the white meets the red, cut in with a small tipped paint brush to get a clean line.

Allow each coat of white to completely dry before adding the next, and continue until complete.

Find a household object that has a circle that is the size you want the dots on your mushroom top to be, and trace with a pencil. Do this until you have the desired number of dots on top of your stool.

Using your small brush carefully paint your circles white.

Allow to dry and use as you please. Now your functional stool is also super-duper-cute!