My Imp Chef.

When I was a kid, we’d cook our holiday turkey or roast with one of those little pop-up thermometers that you just stick into the bird, that pops up (presumably) when the bird is done, or at least safe to eat. We had a lot of dry turkeys and roasts. These days, you can buy a thermometer that tells you the actual temperature, which is nice. Better still, you can get a wireless one! But at that point, things get a little disappointing. Most of the wireless sensors have a pretty low range — a hundred feet or so. No good if you’re out on the deck or in the backyard, and the part you have to bring with you is a big heavy thing that clips to your belt and makes you look silly. And the worst part: no graphs.

Everything should make graphs. Obviously.

I’ve already built some internet-connected thermometers with Electric Imp, so why not do the same thing with a meat thermometer probe and send the data off to a web site I can view on my phone? As it turns out, it’s easy. Build one of these and impress your dinner guests.

This project was a finalist in Make: magazine’s Connected Home contest. –Make Editors

VTracking the Temperature with my Imp Chef