I felt in love with Laser Harps the first time I saw Jean Michel Jarre play it live in concert (Rendevous 2 song). Since technology has developed so much it is now possible to build your own homemade DIY Frameless Laser Harp.

Project Steps

Testing phase from Studio.

Here is a Fritzing drawing with all componentes wired using a solderless breadboard for simplicity. No soldering required.

LIst of all components is featured above.

Arduino programing code:

// Open Source Laser Harp by Ruete // Free for home use. Comercial use proibited. // Circuito MIDI: // * digital in 1 conectado ao MIDI jack pin 5 (DO MIDI JACK) // * MIDI jack pin 2 conectado ao ground (DO ARDUINO) // * MIDI jack pin 4 (DO MIDI JACK) conectado ao +5V (DO ARDUINO) por um resistor de 220-ohm int buttonPresses = 0; // quantas vezes a nota foi tocada int LaserState = LOW; // laser “off” int delayligado = 3; //minimo 3 para aparecer direito o laser int delaydesligado = 3; // minimo 3 para separar direito os raios em 9 long previousMillis = 0; // guarda ultima vez que o

This is an open source laser harp project. The latest version of Arduino programing code can be downloaded at my blog. Also there is a video demostration there.

Any questions and improvement ideas are welcome. Visit my blog at: