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‘Tis the season for inflatable yard ornaments. Why go with those cute store-bought ones when you can make your own more interesting ones?

I’ll show you how to make some fun, unique, giant inflatable tentacles that can be used indoors or outside. These aren’t as durable or colorful as their store bought counterparts but they make up for it in style!

You can design your inflatables to be anything that is fat and mostly cylindrical. I found that tentacles were an absolutely perfect fit for this project.

The main skill you’ll need to employ to make this project is plastic welding. In this case, we’ll do this by dragging a hot soldering iron over a sheet of wax paper placed on top of two sheets of plastic. The heat from the soldering iron welds the two pieces of plastic together, allowing you to create an air-tight cavity.

It takes practice to get the timing just right. If you move too quickly, the sheets don’t get a proper weld. Move too slowly and you melt right through everything. You’ll need to try a few times on some scrap to get the hang of it. Much of this will depend on the thickness of your plastic, which is measured in mils. The thickest I’ve used is 6 mil, and the tentacles in this video are a fairly thin 1 mil.