Here is how to build a wooden stand so you have a handy spot to hold your light sabres. (Young Padawan training is not considered child abuse; all fun.)

Project Steps

First, cut your fence board in two pieces 3″ wide, then cut 2 pieces 6″ long with opposing angles of 31.62 degrees. If you have problems, download the PDF templates above.

Your two bottom pieces should fit together like this. Next, cut two pieces of the 3″ stock at 10″ with a 15 degree angle on one end. Then you can trace out the light sabre holder outline from the provided PDF pattern.

Next, draw your outline on the 2 pieces of wood. Make sure the angled part is on the bottom and cut out the pattern. Then, pre-drill 2 holes on the bottom of each piece where the angle is, about 3/8″ up.

Drill bigger holes, the size of your drywall screw heads, halfway through the board. Then, apply glue to the bottom piece and screw in the side pieces. Do this with both side pieces.

Next, cut some half-inch-long dowel, the same diameter as your screw holes, apply glue to the holes and insert the dowels in all four holes.

Now, you should have something that looks like this. Put the 2 pieces together. I had to mark the center because I used a biscuit joiner. You can obviously use other methods of joinery such as screws, dowels, or some good glue.

Next, I glued and fitted the biscuit, clamped the pieces together and let dry.

Cut off the corners, and the dowels that stick out, and sand them all down.

Finally, paint with your favorite finish, let dry and start training your young Padawan.