Tired of the same humdrum pumpkin carving routine year after year? Growing weary of identical jack-o-lanterns up and down your street? Here’s a techy, glowy fix that won’t catch fire, unless you consider the droves of fans at your doorstep too hot to handle.

Today we’re making an electroluminescent jack-o-lantern with EL Wire. I call it….the Jack-EL-Lantern. Trademark, please?

Kids and parents alike will love this project. Caution: the knife and drill should only be handled by an adult for maximum safety.

For us crafty folk and kin, this project is also a reason to dust off the drill for those of us who are novice tool users. Grab that drill, a pumpkin, and any length of EL Wire for this project. I recommend a length of 25 feet, sold at Makershed.com, to do a large face on a full-size pumpkin.




1. Drill and 1/4-inch bit, 2. EL Wire, 3. Skewer or Cocktail Stirrer, 4. Notebook or Paper, 5. Permanent Marker

Enjoy your Jack-EL-Lantern! And post photos of it so you have proof you carved an out-of-the ordinary Jack-EL-Lantern this Halloween.