The Sharpwriter pencil is that one-time-use mechanical pencil that pretty much everyone has used before. So we probably all know that it is very skinny and can hurt your hand if you write with it for long periods of time. I am going to show you a quick and easy way to make a gripper for this pencil.

Project Steps


3/8-in. clear hose

A glass of hot water

And the Sharpwriter pencil

The tube will not normally fit over the pencil. To make it more pliable, dip a 1-inch section of hose into the hot water. I didn’t want to get burned so I got it out with tongs.

Then muscle the piece of tube over the pencil.

Dip in the hot water if it starts to get hard again.

And that’s it! Once it cools it will never come off so you don’t need to glue it on.

And that’s how you make a cheap gripper for your pencil!