[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/31783057 w=560&h=315]

Inspired by a robot exoskeleton built by some Japanese college students that was online recently, I really wanted to try building one myself. My son decided he wanted to help and then wear it for Halloween.

We did the arms the same way they did but decided to do the legs as bucket stilts; it would be a simpler design and safer in PVC, I thought. We did one working hand and the other as a fist so it could hold a Halloween bucket. The working hand is still more decorative than functional but the fingers do flex. This project is moderately difficult; no step is particularly hard but there are sure a lot of them.

The pictures I took during the build turned out to be not as useful as I hoped. We were in such a rush to finish before Halloween that we didn’t take enough. Also, the design changed some as we built it so some of the pictures were no longer useful. For these instructions I took the costume apart and took pictures during the process. The only thing different in the pictures is that everything is painted. In reality nothing was painted until listed in the instructions at step 17.