Our Mission is to help seniors trim their toenails, since the majority of the elderly can’t because of aging problems like:

  • Poor Vision/Eyesight,
  • Flexibility Issues,
  • Thick toenails, etc.

The contraption our team created (The EZ-Reacher Toenail Clipper) is focused on seniors who want to maintain their toenail-clipping independence without a hefty price attached.

Project Steps

Using pliers , remove the two suction cups from the spring arms located on the bottom of the E.Z Reacher.

Put the suction cup, with the screws , and bolts away for now – well reatach them later.

Lay the the E.Z. Reacher flat, with the handle sticking up.

Using a measuring tape and a pencil , mark a line 1 cm from the bottom of base , next add another line o.5 cm above the first line.

The space between the line shows us where to crate the slit to insert the leverage arm on the clipper.

before creating a on the marked place , someone else hold the spring arms so they dont get cut

use the hacksaw to cut on the marked place ;cut only through the top of base to create a slit

Measure and make two marks at the 3 3/8 in. and 3 5/8 in. from the end of the spring arms.

the marks show us where to drill the holes the base of the of the nail clipper

Drill the two marks on the spring arms with a 1/32 size drill bit.

Drill the two holes that hold the bace of the nail clipper


Take a break and have a cookie.

Take the nail clipper and lay with the leverage arm folded out

Using the measuring tape and marker , mark a one inch line along the bottom part of the base of the nail clipper

The mark shows us where to create the slit that will attach the base of the nail clippers

Put on your safety goggles

Use a dremal to cut a one inch slit in the base of the nail clippers

Inspect your cut.

Take the handle off a small binder clip and bend the ends like so.

Use pliers to remove the silver-colored handle off a 0.25 inch binder clip: ho,d the back part of the binder clip between your fingers with one hand sticking up.

Next, use the pliers to squeeze the two sides of the handle together, and pull the handle out.

Use the pliers to bend the ends of the handle up to create a pin that will fasten the nail clipper to the spring arms.

Slide the nail clipper on the two small spring arms and put the pin [aka] the handle from the binder clip/ in the holes with the nail clipper in the middle and put the other end of the nail clipper in the notch.

To assemble the EZ-reach toenail clipper, First slide the base of the nail clipper over the small spring arms.

Align the nail clippers between the two holes of the spring arms.

Slide the pin through the holes to secure the base of the nail clipper

Place the leverage arm of the nail clipper in the slit on the base of the EZ-reacher

Put the two suction cups back on fastening the big and small spring arms together.

Re-attach the suction cups; this will bring together the big and small springarms



And thus, the 'Nailed It' Toenail Clipper is finished!