Each year, my grandchildren and I build a different Nativity landscape. The little statuettes are always the same, but the scenery is different. This year my wife asked for Jesus’ manger to be in outer space. This is the result!

Project Steps

The parts and materials you use will depend on what you have available to you.

I cut a cylindrical cardboard bottle box in two to make the warehouse. I used many small IKEA spare parts, a plastic soda bottle for the cockpit of the glider, and so on.

I also used an ink cartridge box and 2 film boxes.

When doing a project like this, ignore the colors of the objects you are working with and just pay attention to the shapes. Place different objects together in different relationships and see what the combined shape suggests to you.

When you are satisfied with the result, glue the objects together (hot glue usually works well) and paint your creation in a way that enhances its new identity in the viewer’s mind.