Eyeballs are my favorite things to make. They’re simple, they look awesome, and they’re creepy. I wear them as brooches, wrap their stem around things, or add them to houseplants. They also make great Halloween toys not made of plastic.

Project Steps


The eyeball’s fleshy tail has a bendable, posable wire armature. Use a length of wire double the length you want the stalk to be. Coat the end in glue, then wrap tightly in red wool, stabbing into the wool as you go. Continue gluing, wrapping, and stabbing to cover the whole wire.


Bend the wire in half, a little off-center. Wrap white wool around the red at the bend. Attach it firmly by stabbing it with your felting needle, then add more to build up a white eyeball.

For the pupil, shape a small disc of black wool and stab gently to attach. Felt your iris color in a circle around the pupil.

EYEBALL continued

To make it more realistic, add a lighter shade around the pupil and blend into the outer color. Add a curved white highlight to create the illusion that the eyeball is glistening.


Wrap red fluff around the eyeball and felt it on, from the edge of the eyeball to the tail, so it tapers smoothly. Stab toward the tail so no red wool gets pushed into the white eyeball where it might show. For a smooth surface, make sure the needle stays in the wool as you felt.

That’s it! Add a pin to make it a brooch, or bare wire to make flying eyeballs, or some green wool to make plant eyeballs. For more tips and photos, visit instructables.