As an Entrepreneurial Adventurer

I have gone from owning an underground record label and a bar in South Florida, to a farming co-op in Tampa, then to a coffee shop/bar and cider brewery (using the term brewery loosely, of course) in the Dominican Republic, and finally to the most recent clandestine late-night taco delivery service in New Orleans. All in the span of a few years.

My endless quest for harmony in all my travels and business ventures has sparked a deep desire to find ways to functionally deal with all my belongings in small, cramped, multi-use or shared space environments.

My ongoing 6-week parlay at my parents’ home, in my mother’s office, on a twin-sized day bed, has prompted me to act.

It was…

Three weeks ago, I realized it was time to find a way to tame that pile of clean and dirty, wrinkled and non-wrinkled, half-folded, half-tossed mound of clothing and shoes, loosely confined by two suitcases with lids that may or may not close, depending on the size of said pile.

To tame this beast, I first dreamed up an elaborate network of telescoping aluminum tubes that would fold out of the walls of a suitcase and erect into a functioning armoire. To accomplish that would be a venture in itself. For sake of immediacy and function, I adjusted my ambitions and came up with this…

The Nomad’s Closet

An easy-to-make PVC closet with an upper shelf. The Nomad’s Closet occupies the space above the foot of a bed or couch, and provides enough real estate for a dozen or so hanging shirts and about 6 pairs of pants AND a hanging shelf, WITH room on top for your empty suitcases.

The total cost to build (not including the hanging shelf) is right around $40, depending on where you are in the world. The materials can be purchased from any hardware store that sells 1 1/4″ PVC & Elbows/T’s. Shopping at a smaller hardware store may be important to you if you do not travel with tools, or if you will not have access to tools when you arrive. You will likely be able to just hand them the PDF/JPG that I have included and ask them to make the cuts for you at the store. Granted, that may cost a few extra bucks. If you have the tools or you don’t mind picking up a cheap hack saw and screwdriver, you can get the job done yourself.

Watch the video to see me assemble this Nomad’s Closet. Then, follow the steps to make your own. Remember to share your builds or mods!


PS… For more back story on this project check out my About Me

Project Steps

The Future

This is what your Nomad’s Closet will look like when completed.

Lay it out

First, assemble your materials and make sure you have what you need.

4 – 10′ x 1 1/4″ PVC pipes

4 – 1 1/4″ PVC “T” connectors

10 – 1 1/4″ PVC Elbows

Print, Cut & Make

If you are cutting the PVC yourself, remember to measure twice & cut once. Extra trips to the store cost more and can be frustrating.

Print The Diagram and use it.

Cut the pipe.

Make it!

Set the set screws!

Set them!

If you do not set the set screws… your clothes and things will fall when you kick it apart in your sleep.

Top it off!

I chose to use two lengths of 12″ deep wire shelving to top my closet.

The length of both should be 44″.

Be sure to fasten well whatever kind of shelf you use up top.

Using wire shelves kept things light and made it easy to fasten with zip ties.

If you alter the design (affecting the dimensions) of your closet you may want to build it first and then measure to be sure before you cut or purchase material.


Fill it up with your stuff

Kick back

Love it


Easy, Breezy, Beautiful...

Nomad's Closet!